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About Us


Kadatuan is one of the areas where nobles live in the Priangan region in the kingdom of Galuh Pakuan whose territory was rich in produce and spices. It is said that there are known to have black panther as old residents of the Priangan area. We take the name of the unit because it has a high historical value in the area that we want to adopt, namely the Priangan level.

Logo / image of a panther as a strong character or characteristic of Priangan, because “maung” (the designation of kind of Tigers in West Java) is often an icon in this area. This is what inspired us to make and produce products from natural resources in the area. Because so far the quality of the produce or spices is felt by other countries, while the original growers only enjoy the lowest or the lowest quality of the processed products.

Our hope, the concept of unity must be able to bring not only the results of natural resources owned in this area, and produce processed products, but also can root historical values that become the identity of the residents of West Java itself in the eyes of the world.

Company Profile

Kadatuan Koffie is a brand developed by Tri Anom Agrotektur. Established in Mekar Sari village, this village is one of the villages in the sub-district of Cimaung, Bandung. The distance from Bandung City to Mekar Sari Village is around 38 Kilometers.

In 2013 we only fostered 1 farmer group, namely KTH Anggun sari with as many as 30 members. In that year Only produced coffee in the form of grain, it was recorded that garden production was 62.5 tons of fruit coffee. So that the results of the coffee fruit can produce approximately 21 tons of coffee grain.

Not much different in the previous year, in 2014 we only sold in the form of coffee fruit and coffee grain at the following prices. Grain coffee sold for 1 – 2 USD per kg To the collectors who came. This is because there is no transportation or processing in the area.

The potential of the plantation area which is quite extensive and fertile produces several commodities, namely: coffee, spices and crops. So that the plantation area there is a great opportunity to produce coffee production centers and commodity products. In connection with these advantages and potential. ITB students and UNPAD students along with plantation entrepreneurs set up processing development programs for the industrial produce and started from the coffee industry.

In 2016 stood the Trianom Agrotektur, with the aim of providing maximum results in the processing of agricultural products and coffee which could be a future investment for the area. Traditional methods that have been implemented so far must be changed towards more professional ones and have process standards that are recognized both nationally and internationally. These development efforts must be carried out through industry and market approaches.

1. Improve the welfare of coffee farmers, especially West Java coffee farmers.
2. Introducing Indonesian society, especially West Java about the enjoyment of West Java coffee and the benefits of real coffee.
3. Introducing & marketing Indonesian coffee, especially western Java coffee in the world.

1. Educating coffee farmers about caring for, harvesting, and processing coffee post-harvest, and ensuring the market with high prices.
2. Distributing and spreading West Java coffee seeds Java Prenager long bean to West Java farmers for free
3. Helping to improve the national economy by absorbing a lot of labor.
4. Selling genuine coffee products without mixtures, so that drinkers can feel the true benefits of coffee.

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